How to post an ad & other FAQ


How to register?

Click here to go to the registration page, where you insert your data.

First insert your name, which will be displayed on ads and in your public profile.
Then select the user type, either User (individual) or Company (registered company or team).
Next, insert your email (to which you'll receive all inquiries) and then your desired password, twice.
Afterwards, just tick the safety box (reCaptcha) and click Register.
That's it, enjoy using our marketplaces!

How to buy points?

When logged in to your user panel, head over to "Buy additional points" from the menu on the left, select the desired point pack and click Order now. You'll be redirected to Checkout page, where you can finalize your order by paying with one of the payment options (Paypal, Bank transfer or proforma invoice). We sadly had to remove Braintree option due to unexpected issues.
If you are more visual person, you can follow our short guide describing just that:

How to post an ad?

First login to your account.
If you are here for the first time or your point balance (displayed on the left) is zero, please check the answer above on how to buy points, as you cannot post an ad with insufficient point balance.

If/When you have enough points, click on the "Post a new ad" button on top of the page, fill out the form, add photos and optionally select additional promotion for your ad like Premium or Highlighted extension and click Publish.

In the second step you'll finish posting by paying with your point balance. Click on the button with the wallet icon to complete the payment.

That's it! Your ad is now posted, will be shortly translated by our team and will be waiting for a buyer. Good luck!

How to edit your profile info?

Login to your user panel and click the "Edit profile info" button in the menu of the left side (or on top in mobile devices). Fill out as much information as possible to provide more credibility for potential buyers. Companies can add URL to their websites and upload logo, which will be displayed on individual ads.

How to mark your item as sold / delete ad?

Simply edit your ad and change the category to "Sold items". The contact form in your ad will be disabled and you won't recieve any further inquiries, while all personal data will be removed as well. By not removing the ad entirely you help us with better organic reach of our marketplaces, therefore increase in visitors and better sale chance for your next ad. But we will understand if you would want your ad removed, for that you can always send a request to and we'll remove it for you.

How to make ad with price "Ask for price"?

If you want buyers to contact you for price, leave the price field blank during ad submission.

Frequently asked questions

What does "20 marketplaces" mean?

The term you may often hear refers to our European marketplces. Europe is divided into 20 single-language marketplaces, covering almost every European country, while the main benefit is that all ads are displayed everywhere and translated in marketplace language respectively by our team, which increases exposure for your ad and makes it easier for a buyer to understand.

Will my ad be visible also on other (European) marketplaces?

No, to avoid complex logistic problems for buyers (oversea shipping) and therefore probably less interest on other marketplaces, we decided to separate USA marketplace from European ones. But don't worry, your ad will be discoverable in Europe too and will surely gain attention.

How can I contact a certain seller?

Each ad has obligatory email contact option and optionally via telephone. You can contact seller by clicking on email button, which will take you to the contact form, or, if stated, telephone field, where you can copy the number in your phone or use any of the services to call like Skype, Whatsapp etc.

Do you own all items from ads?

No, USA does not own items advertised on marketplaces, unless clearly stated and does not have info about their whereabouts other than the one stated publicly inside ads. To get more info about the advertised item, contact seller in each ad directly.

Is USA free?

Access to marketplaces and creation of a new account (registration) are all free of charge, while ad submission requires a point pack depending on the items you want to advertise.

Is USA safe?

We do our best to keep your data safe using secure connection, while safety of the payment transactions is additionally ensured by Paypal.

Why can't I add description and website link to my profile?

There were plenty accounts made in the past months with sole intention of leaving backlink and some content inside user descriptions for spammy SEO reasons. We disabled user/company description field and website link until at least 1 ad is posted from your account. Then the two boxes will appear in your user edit menu and you'll be able to add this info.

How can I pay for ad submission?

We offer various options of payments: bank transfer, proforma invoice (for companies), and Paypal for credit card payments. Please note, that it may take a few days for bank transfers and proforma invoices to be processed, so your points will be added to your account only after payment is verified, while payment by Paypal will result in instant addition of your points.

Having problems with login or other functions?

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Haven't found an answer to your question?

Send us your question at and you will get a reply as soon as possible.